A hands-on workshop discussing traditional publishing pathways for non-fiction and fiction books. Learn how to query publishers & agents.

Getting Your Work to "Traditional" Publishers, January 21, 2023, 1PM - 4PM

This hands-on workshop will briefly address why one might choose "traditional" publishing over self- and “hybrid” publishing. It will examine traditional publishing pathways for both non-fiction (professional, trade, general readership, memoir, etc.) and fiction (literary, commercial, pulp, romance, thriller, sci-fi, etc.), in common publisher formats (hard cover, paperback, ebook/Kindle, audiobook). The majority of the time will be spent on how to find, select and effectively query publishers & agents, and what to expect when contracting and working with them.

Note: there will not be a focus on poetry, children's books or screenplays.

Attendees can expect the following key take-aways:

1) Deciding whether to publish "traditionally," self-publish or "hybrid."
2) Finding, selecting, querying, contracting with, and working with legitimate agents & publishers.
3) Spotting and avoiding illegitimate/scam agents & publishers.

This in-person event is an interactive workshop. Along with Dr. Reid's handouts and your collaborative work during the workshop, you'll be taking away deliverables that can help you immediately in your decision making.

This workshop is led by Dr. William H. Reid, an experienced author of 17 books with large and small traditional publishers, as author or as primary editor of multi-author volumes. His most recent nonfiction book, A Dark Night in Aurora, led to interviews on all major US and Canadian networks, an episode of BBC Panorama, and several podcast appearances. Collins Avenue optioned the dramatization rights. His most recent manuscripts are an upscale literary manuscript (Augie & Frank) and an “early reader” children’s series (Corkins Kids). Works in progress include a new novel (The Boy and the Fishes) and a fictional memoir (The First Analysis of Dr. P.).